StormMeister™ Flood Doors the only Flood Door with a floodwater activated Active Flood Seal ™

In fact the ONLY FLOOD DOOR WITH A DEDICATED FLOOD SEAL! Conventional flood doors rely on compression applied to standard weatherseal gaskets to keep out the water, this means that in order to be effective the doors need to be tightly locked making handle operation extremely difficult. StormMeister™ Flood Doors are fitted with our patented Active Flood Seal™ which operates by flood water pressure and consequently StormMeister™ Flood Doors don't need to be on a tight setting. StormMeister™ Flood Doors are much easier to operate and by far the most user friendly flood door on the market. Easy operation means less wear and tear on locking systems, hinges, handles and seals.  Our Private Residential Flood Doors are therefore covered by a GGFi INSURED TEN YEAR WARRANTY, much longer than conventional flood door warranties!

StormMeister™ Policy on 'Kitemarking'.

StormMeister is the world leader in flood product innovation and consequently our products are subject to continual development in terms of performance, reliability  and user-friendliness. StormMeister products are tested to the same standards but StormMeister does not Kitemark because Kitemarking rules don't allow ongoing product  development. Hitting a brick wall development-wise can lead to major problems as has recently been experienced with some 'Kitemarked ' flood products failing locking mechanisms.  Under Kitemarking rules different locking mechanisms cannot be fitted  which is the principle reason why although being a BSI member company  (membership 47577079)  the decision at StormMeister has been not to participate in the Kitemarking scheme. ('Kitemarked' Flood Door Locking  Mechanism Failure see video below right).

Traditional flood doors use old technology and can be instantly recognised by their elongated 'wrecking bar'  handles. StormMeister Flood Doors use the StormMeister patented Active Flood Seal which doesn't need excessive handle force. At StormMeister we can therefore use normal length handles on all of our flood doors.We have our own design and testing facilities where we design, develop and test flood protection products. Testing of our products is ongoing, we test not only for quality and performance but also for longevity and remarkably we are the ONLY flood company to do so! 


We can create unique Single Flood Doors, Double Flood Doors, Flood Barriers, Flood Windows and Flood Gates. We have delivered many projects in Heritage and Conservation area flood defence schemes in the UK, Europe and America, the scope of customization is limitless. We can manufacture flood doors to almost any requirement in uPVC., Composite or Timber, bespoke styles in plain white, hardwoods with traditional wood stain finishes, colour finishes to match colours of existing frames, ornate glazing and the choice of modern or antiqued handles and accessories.
Flood Doors by StormMeister

Flood Doors by StormMeister


If you are buying a flood door or any flood protection product it's important to know whether or not those specific products have been tested. Here we test all of our products, Including flood doors with a wheelchair friendlylow threshold, you name it we test it! Not many companies test all their products and even less test wood-grain finish flood doors because wood-grain is a lot more difficult to flood seal. No problem for the StormMeister™ patented Active Flood Seal. At StormMeister™ we self certify our flood protection products PAS1188-1 2014 at our own testing facility in Preston Lancashire.

Unlike Kitemark testing which is a one-off event for a specific product we are continuously developing, improving and testing StormMeister™ products and currently have 32 different variations of flood door for every application imaginable .

Do you want to see our products working? No problem, if you can't come to us we'll come to you. We can arrange a live interactive demonstration via the Internet wherever you are in the UK, Europe, USA or anywhere worldwide!

No other flood company makes such an offer!

Flood Door Testing at StormMeister

Flood Door Testing at StormMeister

Flood Door Testing at StormMeister
Double Flood Doors by StormMeister™
Flood Protection Doors by StormMeister™
Flood Doors for Homes by StormMeister™
Cottage Flood Door by StormMeister™


StormMeister™ Wheelchair Friendly Low-Threshold Flood Doors comply with UK Building Regulations 'Part M' in providing flood protection for homes and commercial premises where wheelchair access is required. StormMeister Low Threshold Wheelchair Access Flood Doors are unique in the World and since 2015 have been installed throughout the UK., Europe and the USA in homes and commercial premises such as shops, offices, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Designed and developed by StormMeister™ specifically for Wheelchair Access our Wheelchair Friendly Low Threshold Flood Doors also pass the StormMeister™ exacting standard of zero leakage to 600mm flood height with ongoing flood resistance well beyond this level under test conditions.

All StormMeister™ flood doors come with a variety of locking options including push pad and electronic operation.

Wheelchair Friendly Flood Doors by StormMeister

StormMeister™ Flood Doors and Flood Windows, the only flood products fitted with an active flood sealing mechanism maintained by pressure of flood water. UK and Worldwide Patents and Patents Applied For, GB 2525382, 1519360.0 & 1601463.1

Conventional flood doors and flood windows use passive seals which rely on handle pressure to resist rising flood water, conventional flood products are therefore difficult to operate and liable to failure due to excessive strain on the seals and locking mechanism. StormMeister™ flood products are completely different and utilize water pressure in their unique active flood sealing mechanism that maintains  flood resistance long after passive seals have failed.  

StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors and Flood Windows exceed PAS 1188-1:2014 the industry standard by some considerable margin, testing at our product testing facility in Preston demonstrates zero leakage for periods in excess of 48 hours at 600 mm flood height with ongoing flood resistance to heights well beyond that.

We are now giving live flood door and flood window demonstrations to representatives of the trade, local authorities, and public at our testing facility in Preston, Lancashire which is situated close to M6 Junction 31. Anyone wishing to attend a live demonstration is requested to fill out the form on our contact us page.

Commercial Flood Doors by StormMeister
Flood Door by StormMeister
Commercial Flood Doors by StormMeister
Commercial Flood Doors by StormMeister
Flood Doors by StormMeister

 StormMeister™ Flood Windows, the ONLY windows in the world to have an Active Flood Seal™.  For more information, photographs and video demonstration visit our dedicated flood window web site

Flood Door by StormMeister
Flood Doors by StormMeister
Flood Windows by StormMeister


The Home Insurer offers 99.9% flood cover for the UK and can quote on commercial, landlord and residential properties protected by StormMeister™ Flood Protection products. The Home Insurer has access to Flood Re as well. If you tell The Home Insurer you use StormMeister™ products, it will help them to get you the right insurance at a better price and excess than you may have thought possible. Call 01832-735388 or visit:

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We will be competitive at all times for all our flood door, flood window, flood gate, flood shutter, and flood barrier products but we will never compromise on quality or performance always exceeding industry standards by a long way. To arrange a FREE quotation click on our contact page with details of your requirements.

No Obligation Advice, Design and Quotation Service

You are cordially invited to visit our product testing centre in Preston Lancashire to see our flood doors working in fast flowing water, no other flood company makes such an offer!


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