StormMeister Flood Door.
StormMeister Flood Door

About Us

StormMeister® Flood Protection was founded in the UK in 2010 with the specific aim of solving the problems presented by conventional flood doors which are difficult to operate. StormMeister® director Malcolm Snape is an engineer with over 30 years experience of manufacturing products for the construction industry and it was whilst working in the Tropical Rain Forest of West Africa he came up with the idea using flood water pressure to seal flood doors.

Since that beginning StormMeister® has been dedicated to designing and producing not only flood doors but a wide range of user friendly flood protection products to protect commercial and residential property within flood risk areas. Flood defence solutions for residential and commercial properties which are accessible to everyone, including the elderly, infirm and disabled.

Conventional flood protection products use conventional technology which is often difficult to operate relying on handle pressure. Doors need to be tightly locked whereas StormMeister® doors utilise flood water pressure and in everyday operation are no more difficult to lock than an ordinary door. Ease of operation means less strain on the locking mechanism meaning StormMeister® products last longer and can therefore be guaranteed for longer than conventional flood protection products.

In our purpose built testing and development facility we continually test for performance, user friendliness and reliability offering a wide range of flood protection products including the StormMeister Low Threshold Flood Resistant Door which is unique in the world in offering both flood protection and wheelchair access.

StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal™ - How It Works

  • Flood water is a powerful force and StormMeister™ Flood Resistant Doors harness that force in order to maintain flood resistance without using complex locking mechanisms which are difficult to operate.
  • A multiple chamber structure is formed by a specially designed Chamber Gasket and flood water is actually allowed to enter the first chamber, the water chamber.
  • Pressure of flood water in the water chamber then compresses the expansion chamber which in turn presses the Chamber Gasket firmly against the door leaf in order to maintain what has proved to be an extremely effective flood seal. Under test conditions StormMeister™ flood doors exceed the industry standard PAS1188-1:2014 by some considerable margin maintaining zero leakage at 600 mm of water for periods in excess of 48 hours. 

StormMeister™ founder Malcolm Snape (far right) with fellow British engineer Ron Smith (white T-shirt) in Nigeria whilst working as advisors to the Akwa Ibom State Government. Also pictured are State Government driver Manny and State Police protection officer GodsGift.
StormMeister™ founder Malcolm Snape in Nigeria
StormMeister™ use ethically sourced timber from traceable places of origin some of which are in Nigeria. Pictured below is a logging camp in Akwa Ibom State, note the lack of machinery! Much of the work is manual and carried out by local people on a cooperative basis so that the whole community benefits.
StormMeister™ timber harvested in Nigeria