StormMeister™ Active Flood Sealing

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StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors, the only flood doors fitted with an active flood sealing mechanism maintained by pressure of flood water. There are two main types of StormMeister Active Flood Seal, the first Active Flood Seal was developed for inward opening flood doors with a standard threshold. The next challenge was to develop flood doors for wheelchair access and that led to the development of another quite different Active Flood Seal originally designed for outward opening flood doors where wheelchair access was a requirement. Both types of Active Flood Seals were patented and are patent protected in the UK. Europe, and the USA with wider ranging protection by Worldwide copyright.

Since those early days of development different versions of the StormMeister Active Flood Seals have been incorporated in flood doors of many different types. There are StormMeister uPVC Flood Doors, Composite Flood Doors, Timber Flood Doors, Garage Flood Doors, Bi-Fold Flood Doors and there is even a zero threshold StormMeister™ Flood Door! StormMeister Flood doors are the only flood doors with a flood seal maintained by the pressure of flood water, other flood doors use conventional seals which do quite the opposite and try  to resist the pressure of flood water!

It's important to understand how conventional flood doors work, or at least how they are supposed to work! Conventional flood doors don't have a dedicated flood seal, they try to keep the flood water at bay  by tightly compressing the standard weather seal. This requires huge handle force to be transmitted to the locking mechanism, handle force that is in all likelihood in excess of the design limit of the locking mechanism. Conventional flood doors are therefore prone to locking mechanism failure and usually only guaranteed for one year.

All StormMeister™ Flood Doors utilize the pressure of flood water in their unique flood sealing mechanism and therefore don't need excessive handle force in order to work. The StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal maintains effective flood resistance long after conventional seals have failed.  StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors routinely exceed the 48 hour PAS 1188-1:2014 industry standard by some considerable margin at our testing facility in Preston with zero leakage at 600 mm flood height and ongoing flood resistance to heights well beyond that.

We are now giving live demonstrations to representatives of the trade, local authorities, and public at our testing facility in Preston, Lancashire which is situated close to M6 Junction 31. Anyone wishing to attend a live demonstration is requested to fill out the form on our Contact Page. If you are unable to attend our premises we will be happy to arrange a live demonstration by Skype wherever in the world you are located.

Quality Assurance.

William M. Snape Manufacturing Services (UK) Limited (the Company) will at all times in the manufacture and supply of StormMeister™ Flood Doors adhere to their established Quality Assurance Systems and Procedures for product and/or service Conformance and Traceability and additionally to the Management Principles of ISO 9000:2000 as part of the Company's approach to consistent achievement in product development, customer service, and our Total Quality Management Philosophy.

 How The Active Flood Seal Works.

Flood water is a powerful force and StormMeister™ Flood Resistant Doors harness that force in order to maintain effective flood resistance without using complex locking mechanisms.

A multiple chamber structure is formed by a specially designed Chamber Gasket and flood water is actually allowed to enter the first chamber, the water chamber.

Pressure of flood water in the water chamber then presses the Chamber Gasket firmly against the door leaf in order to maintain what has proved to be an extremely effective flood seal under test conditions maintaining zero leakage at 600 mm of water!

Most flood doors employ complex locking mechanisms in order to achieve compression and flood resistance. StormMeister™ Flood Doors utilize the pressure of flood water in order to achieve far greater compression and much better flood resistance whilst at the same time StormMeister™ Flood Doors are easier to lock and easier to maintain.

All StormMeister™ Flood Doors are manufactured to ISO9002 the International Standard of Excellence using specially formulated impact resistant plastics tested to BS EN12608 within a temperature range of -40 to +40 Centigrade.

Available in white, various wood grains, and a choice of hundreds of factory applied colours every flood door is fitted with the StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal, your assurance of the highest flood resistant performance within the industry.

Contact us for a No Obligation Survey. If you decide to go ahead we will deal with everything from design to installation by our Flood Door Technicians. All private residential door products are covered by our GGFi INSURED TEN YEAR WARRANTY and that warranty is transferable should you sell your home within the warranty period.

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