Rapid Assembly Flood Barriers

StormMeister Flood Barriers

StormMeister™ Rapid Assembly Flood Barriers.

Assembled in less than two minutes whether that be  in the dark, in pouring rain, or both! No grub screws to lose, no spanners or wrenches to find the StormMeister™ Rapid Assembly Flood Barrier is by far the easiest, simplest and quickest to use of all flood barriers yet fulfills the StormMeister™ Flood Resistance requirement of ZERO LEAKAGE at 600 mm of Water under test conditions with ongoing flood resistance well beyond that height. 

StormMeister Commercial Flood Barriers

Click below to watch the StormMeister™ Rapid Assembly Flood Barrier in action at our product testing centre,

StormMeister Flood Barriers
StormMeister Commercial Flood Barriers
StormMeister Rapid Assembly Flood Barrier

StormMeister™ Flood Barriers
are tested to the industry standard of 600mm depth of water but in fact can be supplied to provide resilience for much greater depths of water.

The barriers pictured immediately above and left are StormMeister™ Heavy Duty Barriers that protect the premises of a haulage company. Specially chosen for ease and quickness of assembly StormMeister™ Flood Barriers have been chosen by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to protect their new fire station in Lancaster.

StormMeister Flood Barrier in Southern Spain

The StormMeister™ Rapid Assembly Flood Barrier pictured above has been installed to protect a collection of motorcycles in the garage of a villa in southern Spain. StormMeister™ Flood Protection products are in demand all along the Spanish Costas where flash flooding is a frequent occurrence. 

StormMeister Flood Barriers


If you are buying flood protection products it's important to know whether or not those specific products have been tested. At StormMeister™ we test all of our products, barriers, gates, windows.single doors, double doors, standard threshold, low threshold, inward opening, outward opening, smooth finish, wood-grain finish, you name it we test it! Not many companies test all their products and even less test wood-grain finish doors because wood-grain is a lot more difficult to flood seal. No problem for the StormMeister™ PATENTED Active Flood Seal, come and see for yourself we have a StormMeister™ wood-grain finish flood door on display in one of our testing tanks!

At StormMeister we self certify our flood protection products to PAS1188-1 2014 at our own testing facility in Preston Lancashire. For more details of our testing facility which can be used for testing other flood products as well as our own please go to our Product Development  page.

To see flood products being tested please refer to the video links above and on other pages or alternatively you can visit our product testing centre to see for yourself.

No other flood company makes such an offer!

StormMeister Rapid Assembly Flood Barriers.

Assembled in less than two minutes without screws or nuts and bolts the StormMeister Rapid Assembly Flood Barrier is easy and simple to use yet fulfills the StormMeister Flood Barrier requirement of 

ZERO LEAKAGE at 600 mm of Water under test conditions. 

Quality Assurance. 

William M. Snape Manufacturing Services (UK) Limited (the Company) will at all times in the manufacture and supply of StormMeister Flood Doors and Flood Barriers adhere to their established Quality Assurance Systems and Procedures for product and/or service Conformance and Traceability and additionally to the Management Principles of ISO 9000:2000 as part of the Company's approach to consistent achievement in product development, customer service, and our Total Quality Management Philosophy.

StormMeister Flood Barriers
StormMeister Flood Barrier
StormMeister Flood Barriers
StormMeister Flood Barriers.