If you are buying flood doors or any other flood protection products it's important to know whether or not those specific products have been tested. At StormMeister™ we test all of our flood protection products, flood barriers, flood gates, flood windows, single flood doors, double flood doors, standard threshold, low threshold, inward opening, outward opening, smooth finish, wood-grain finish, you name it we test it! Not many companies test all their products and even less test wood-grain finish flood doors because wood-grain is a lot more difficult to flood seal. No problem for the StormMeister™ PATENTED Active Flood Seal, come and see for yourself we have a StormMeister™ flood doors on display in our testing tanks!

At StormMeister we self certify our flood protection products to PAS1188-1 2014 at our own testing facility in Preston Lancashire where we have EIGHT  testing tanks up to a maximum capacity of 3000 litres. Tests can be conducted in static water, waves and flowing water all to PAS1188-1 2014. We can also provide the necessary facilities for other companies to pre-test products prior to submission for BSI accreditation.

To see flood doors and other flood products being testing being tested please refer to the video links on this and other pages or you can visit our product testing centre to see for yourself.

No other flood company makes such an offer!

Flood Doors for Shops by StormMeister™

At StormMeister™ we are currently developing the WaterSnake™ Rapid Deployment Flood Barrier which will be used to provide emergency flood protection during flooding events for key installations such as electricity sub-stations, water pumping stations, hospitals and emergency accommodation centres. Although at an advanced stage of development due to patent protection we cannot at this time publish photographs of the WaterSnake™ barrier.  However shown opposite is the StormMeister™ Research and Development Department 4 x 4 Ford Ranger which is being used in field trials of the new rapid deployment barrier.

Introducing the new

StormMeister™ Low-Threshold Commercial Flood Door.

Complies with Building Regulations 'Part M' and essential for all 'At Risk' commercial installations such as shops, bars, hotels and restaurants.

StormMeister™ Low-Threshold Disabled Access Flood Doors have recently been added to the extensive range of StormMeister™ Flood Protection Products.

Designed and developed by StormMeister™ the Low Threshold Disabled Access Flood Doors also pass the StormMeister™ exacting standard of zero leakage to 600mm flood height and flood resistance well beyond this level under test conditions.

StormMeister™ Flood Doors doors come with a variety of locking options including push pad and electronic operation.

Contact Us to visit our testing facility and see the new Low-Threshold  flood doors in action!

Flood Doors for Commerce by StormMeister™
Research and Development by StormMeister™
StormMeister Flood Products Testing
Flood Product Testing by StormMeister™
Flood Product Testing by StormMeister™
Flood Product Testing by StormMeister™
Flood Product Testing by StormMeister™

  1. Patent GB 2525382 Active Flood Seal (inward opening flood doors). We currently incorporate this product in standard threshold flood doors and are working with Lancaster University to develop a version of the Active Flood Seal that can be factory fitted rather than fitted on site. This will mean we can sell a lot more flooddoors and access much wider export markets.
  2. Patent GB 2525382 Active Flood Seal As above but for low threshold Part 'M' Compliant inward opening flood doors we are working with Thyssen Krupp to develop a Part 'M' Compliant inward opening low threshold flood door that will work in conjunction with the factory fitted GB 2525382 Active Flood Seal. Currently there is no equivalent product and we will open up new export markets.
  3. Patents Applied For Active Flood Seal  (low threshold Part 'M' Compliant outward opening flood doors) we have ongoing patent applications in the UK., EU., and USA for this product which is already enjoying worldwide success.
  4. Already in 2017 we have successfully tested a new flood seal arrangement which will be incorporated in new products we are developing. The newly designed flood seal will be protected by new patent applications and will substantially expand our product range.
  5. WaterSnake™Rapid Deployment Flood Barrier. This product has been radically redesigned in order to comply with the requirements of a number of potential customers including the US Army. The new design will be pre-tested prior to submission of new patent applications.
  6. Garage Door Flood Seal. There is huge international interest in this product which we are developing using our recently developed flood seal arrangement described in paragraph 4. There is no equivalent product and we will open up markets across the world.

StormMeister™ World Leaders in Flood Product Development.